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After sitting down and watching Netflix’s Bright starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton I enjoyed it even more.  There is just something about this film that grabbed me and I loved the chemistry between the two main characters Daryl Ward (Smith) and Nick Jakoby (Edgerton) and how the dynamics of this new mystical world still doesn’t change the fact that as people, we still have a bunch of work to do.  But before I get into my review and why I gave this film 4 stars, lets look at some other reviews and what some other people are saying about this film.

 of Vanity Fair writes:

Bright” is the best Netflix original movie to date, and it absolutely deserves to be seen on the big screen, though don’t let that stop you from watching it home, as “End of Watch” director David Ayer’s welcome return to the cop-movie genre — following a disastrous wrong turn into “Suicide Squad” territory, of which we will say no more — fills an intense, grown-up movie niche that Hollywood once did so well, but has since replaced with formula-driven product.”

Michael Ordona of Common Sense Media writes:

“Hats off for a rare original concept in the cop genre, as well as a bold pairing of director and (sometimes problematic) material. It was a good idea to put a story about folkloric creatures and cops in the hands of David Ayer, who’s in his element on the mean streets of L.A. After establishing his reputation by writing Training Day and writing and directing the Christian Bale character study Harsh Times, Ayer made the under-recognized End of Watch, in which two patrolmen find themselves in way over their heads, chased all night by unstoppable cartel forces. Bright is at its best when it’s either dealing with the recognizable humor of orc-human cultural differences or when it’s immersing viewers in the cops’ desperate quest-on-the-run, à la End of Watch.” 

Sandy Schaefer of Screen Rant writes:

“In the end, Bright has more in common with one of Ayer’s directorial misfires (like Sabotage) than one of his best efforts, a la End of Watch and Fury. There’s certainly the potential to do something more interesting with the fantasy world that Landis and Ayer have established here, should Netflix decide to move forward with Bright 2, as reportedly planned. The problems with Bright come down to the poor execution and lack of followthrough, more than anything else. Here’s to hoping that Netflix’s next attempt to create an original movie that can go toe-to-toe with the average big-budget Hollywood offering turns out (much) better.”






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  • I was thinking about his family and kid, what if he just blew up,and the elf just returned form being shot twice, what if the wand didn’t work.  Just a bit unrealistic but I love the fact that Will is the savior of the film and it leaves an opening for future films.
  • The visuals are amazing.  All of the characters are well polished and FX and CGI are well done and consistent with the world that was created.
  • The film is bold and relays emotions that excite and create topics of thought.  Films that suggest and have undertones, usually perpetuate into future films.
  • This film creates a world that Ayer and team can explore into other stories.


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  • The villains seem invincible in one scene, then not in others. Did that inconsistency bother you as a viewer? What would you rather see, if so?
  • What happened with the Dark Lord?  I would have loved to see him or at least more details about him.  What are your thoughts?
  • The racial theme is a touchy subject and it can hit nerves with some people.  There are instances in the film that speak on different races and how they are viewed in the world.  Was it too much?
  • I was a bit disappointed at the ending, it was a bit cheesy how Ward just grabbed the wand and uses it knowing the result if he wasn’t a Bright.



  • Families can talk about Bright‘s parallels to real-world issues related to diversity and prejudice.
  • How are issues of tolerance represented in the movie? Who gets our sympathy? Who’s treated unfairly?
  • There are several scenes of brief nudity and the F-Bomb is dropped a lot. (Viewer Disgression)

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