Harold Bridgeforth
Owner & Art Director

Harold Albert Bridgeforth was born in Bridgeport CT to parents Harold Bert Bridgeforth and Sylvia Elaine Bridgeforth. At an early age Harold possessed advanced skills in the arts and showed an interest in acting and entertainment. After graduating from Stratford High School in 2001, Harold explored modeling and acting and graduated from John Casablancas Modeling and Career center in 2002.

Along with studying music, multimedia and graphic design at Devry University and Norwalk Community College, Harold studied Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Judo at Hwangs School of Martial Arts in Stratford CT. Competing in state and semi-national events. Harold obtained his 2nd Degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do and won numerous tournaments including the Rhode Island State Championship in 2010 (Heavyweight Division).

After getting back into acting and landing several roles in independent films such as “Revenge” (Burgafilms)and Slaughter Weekend (2010), along with working with actors such as Robert De NiroAl Pacino and 50 Cent on the film Righteous Kill (2008) and Lee Tergesen on the film Silver Tongues (2011) he was bit by the acting bug once more and has focused on working with film ever since.

Harold still acts, directs his own projects and works as an art director supplying filmmakers marketing materials. His artwork has been featured in several films, productions, websites and literature. Niya (2015) and Meet Mario (2015) are some recent projects he has been associated with.


Hcapture LLC. is the commercial design work and privately owed business of Connecticut-based artist Harold Bridgeforth. Traditional illustrator and drawer by trade, Harold’s skill set expands across a wide variety of mediums such as Brand Identity, Social Media, Film, Web, Apparel, Print, Packaging, and Typography. He applies his fine art background to all facets of his work and utilizes traditional and modern concepts to complete his tasks.

Hcapture LLC. was established in 2008 and has had success ever since. As a business, Hcapture LLC. continues to strive to create art that captivates and inspires, along with providing a platform for artists to gain real-life experience through collaborations. Harold has worked with various artists, designers, film makers and authors to help bring beautiful ideas to life. As an artist, his work has been featured with such companies as Radioshack, Sears, Kmart, Rue 21, Hot Topic, WWE, Digital Energy World, Accessawear and many more.